Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dave Ramsey LIVE!

This past weekend, I went with Sindi from my Financial Peace University (FPU) class to volunteer at the Dave Ramsey Live event.


His energy on stage is like a virus! You catch it! He makes you want to get out of debt....FAST! He makes you want to save your money and start doing what you need to do to build your wealth so that you can GIVE to others who are less fortunate.
It was phenomenal!
He came around to all the volunteers to thank them for coming and volunteering their entire Saturday. Very genuine kind of guy! Above is a picture of Dave Ramsey, Sindi and myself (I am on the left).

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Beth said...

We saw Dave live in 2002 and seeing him live is what convinced me to jump in feet first and just DUMP the debt. He is so charismatic. I'm jealous that you got to meet him! Lucky!