Friday, August 1, 2008


So, last night after a LONG day of headaches all day long, I took 2 CVS Brand Tylenol PM's thinking that they will help me get rid of the dull ache AND sleep a little too! They!!!
I woke up this morning at 8:30am to find my son playing in the diningroom with the SPIDERMAN STICKERS that I bought SPECIFICALLY for a 2 page Spiderman Layout in his scrapbook.....

I was UPSET....

Little did I know, he had been upstairs in our bonus room and had gotten into EVERY.LITTLE.THING that I had just organized two days prior!
The first thing I noticed: he had my rolling office chair up against the expedit shelf and a pair of scissors were missing from the highest rail in my scrapbook area. I was FREAKED OUT! The first thing that crossed my mind was that he could have hurt himself VERY EASILY. He is LUCKY! This time he was fine!


I turned my attention to my desk and notice that EVERY PICTURE I had in my little envelope to do a power layout this morning was strewn all over my desk. Along with the photo paper from my printer paper tray, the papers that I had on my desk to file as well as Ben's papers that were on his desk. I am talking EVERY.PIECE.OF.PAPER that we had was on my desk. Along with the other scrapbooking supplies I was going to use to do the power layout this morning.


That is what I was. I yelled for Nathan to get his little butt upstairs NOW! He came up and I made him look at what he had done. I made him clean up the papers on my desk and put them back on Ben's desk. I then opened my laptop to find that he had turned it on, messed around with it and then closed it back up again. I also found that he had taken a bunch of pictures with my G9 camera AND messed with my cell phone!


I went downstairs, got MR.WOODY - the wooden spoon that I have only used one other time - and opened his hand and whacked it. I also told him "NEVER! EVER! TOUCH MY SCRAPBOOKING STUFF, MY COMPUTER or ANYTHING ON MY DESK. I also said not to touch DADDY'S COMPUTER EITHER! DO NOT TOUCH THE SCISSORS! THEY ARE SCARY!"

Then, the anger turned into tears of frustration and I completely lost it. This made Nathan cry. The hitting of the hands barely phased him. But seeing me cry really made him upset. You would think he would be upset by the hitting of his hands. He asked me all day if I was happy and I told him NO. I told him that he made me angry.

I asked him why I was upset today and why he got in trouble. What did he do?

How do I discipline him where he understands what he did was WRONG if he doesn't remember what he did in the first place? I mean, come on! I feel terrible! He doesn't understand that when he messes with scissors, touches my desk or my scrapping stuff that it MAKES.ME.CRAZY! That when he climbs on things to get at scissors he KNOWS he shouldn't touch and could hurt him - MAKES.ME.NUTS? I mean, WOW!!!!

You know, I mentioned on a message board about this and most of the ladies were really supportive and empathized with me and told me about their stories.
There was one lady that said "I know you are upset at him, but think of how upset you would have been if he had fallen and injured himself severely with those scissors. Either make sure you are up before he is, or make SURE he can't get to those scissors. Don't trust "he knows better"."
Thanks for the advice! I never get up when my son is up - in fact, I stay in bed ALL DAY LONG! WHATEVER!!! Like that didn't cross my mind already! COME ON!!! Give me more credit than that!!! What a BITCH! That was the FIRST THING I noticed was gone woman!!!! Give me a frickin' break!
But, it is a message board and if I put myself out there and let people in - stuff like this is bound to happen. I understand that when you write something online, that it can be totally taken the wrong way - but this - THIS was plain as day!!! This was the first REAL problem with parenting I have posted and this is one of the things I get? NICE CHICK! REALLY NICE!!!
So much for putting myself out there, eh?

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