Monday, August 4, 2008


This is what success looks like!
Now, I feel so much better! He came out of the school yesterday and he was happy! He was excited "I had LUNCH!" That is exactly what he said when he saw me! It was too cute! THEN, he told my mum that Mrs. Brady made him his lunch!!! I DID!!!! LOL He was totally excited about school and on the way past the school buses, he told me that he wants to ride the school bus home. I told him "Maybe next week Nathan". (baby steps honey, baby steps! Now, I am saying that for ME....not him).
He wants to be Mr. Independent! I am NOT ready for that yet!!!
This morning, I took him in and he was able to find his class without a problem! I got my visitor badge and by the time I made it to the classroom, he had already hung his bag up on his shark hook and started playing! WOW!!!!
I know that you are supposed to have a confident child and that is a success, but it has happened ALREADY!!!! Where did the time go???

Here are some more pics from the first day of school:

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Lee said...

Adorable! Independence is so much harder for mum than son :)