Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well, I called the doctor's office to see how the blood work went.....NOTHING IS WRONG!!!

Can you believe this?

I am happy that my thyroid, sugar, sodium levels are great and that I have no arthritis, but it still doesn't tell me what the heck is wrong with my knee joints and my hands!!! Good news eh? My next option - see a chiropractor or see a rheumatologist (um - no thanks - afterall, I didn't have elevated levels, I didn't have anything wrong with my bloodwork). Why waste my money? Bought Aleve (a good friend says it works for her) and will just "DEAL".

Just thought I would post so y'all are updated.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH ME!!!!! (well, that has yet to be determined....I have a "scrapbooking addiction" and I need a 12 step program....nah! I don't need to get rid of THIS addiction!!!!).....


Lee said...

What a relief! I'm so happy. Now I'm thinking it might be an allergy. Did you eat anything funny?

missyg said...

Glad to hear that it is nothing! But dang I sure hope that pain goes away.