Monday, August 11, 2008


Yes, I have been MISSING IN ACTION lately. I am in PAIN!
I have been cleaning my house like a fiend and I have been getting ready for visitors, moving furniture and organizing. While doing so, I have been having pain and thought it was due to all of that stuff I was doing. I have had knee pain on and off for a couple of weeks, but I think I just need some new aerobics shoes to teach in. But, the pain got WORSE!
Over the weekend, I felt worse and worse and my hands started to act up too! I could not scrapbook, use scissors, grasp a pen at all! It was painful! It feels like I am retaining water in my hands and I can barely make a fist without pain. So, I am having a hard time!!!!

I went to the doctor's office today and saw the Nurse Practitioner and she has tested my thyroid (I have gained back the 15 pounds I lost over 4 months ago) and has also done bloodwork to test for Arthritis and also some other stuff. I will know more on Wednesday when the bloodwork comes back.

I am praying that I do NOT have it. Arthritis would be bad for what I do!!!! I would have to slow down on my aerobics classes - I would GO CRAZY not being able to teach or work out!!!


Midnite Scrapper said...

Ugh. Not good news at all. I hope and pray that your test results come back fine. I would hate for you to have to deal with all of that. Keep us posted!

Charlene O'Hara said...

Oh Cyn! I am so sorry! With the wedding and stuff, I haven't been in touch with you lately. I am sorry you are having such pain. Please let me know what the results are. Thinking of you my good friend. Love Char.

missyg said...

Thinking and sending prayers your way! Hugs!