Monday, August 18, 2008


I have a finicky kid! Since he has been old enough to choose his clothes, he has worn elastic waistband pants and t-shirts. No shirts with buttons, no jeans, no cargo pants with a zipper and button in the front. He's like his Mum and wears comfy stuff. Well, he turned 4 on Saturday and I told him that now that he is 4, he has to start wearing some nice cargo pants, jeans, etc. He even liked the cargo pants that my mum and dad bought at Old Navy.

Last night, as he was going to bed, I pulled out an outfit that I was "iffy" about and asked him if he would wear it. He said "YES".
This morning, he looked at the shorts because they have a silver button (that is not a real button) on them and told me he did not want to wear them. I told him he was a big boy now and that big boys wear shorts like that.
So.....HERE HE IS....wearing big boy shorts!!!
I am so glad! This is the first step to wearing jeans and cargo pants and I am so excited! Do you know how many battles we have had over clothes??? WOW!!! He is STUBBORN!!!! But, he was smiling and looked so handsome in his little Walmart outfit!!! Too cute eh? I made a huge FUSS over him and his new outfit and he was just one Proud Little Monkey!!!!