Saturday, August 16, 2008

August 16th, 2004 @ 5:10pm

Nathan Allan was born!!!

He is 4 today! I can hardly believe it! So far today, I woke him up like I usually do on his birthday by singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He was fast asleep and rolled over with a smile on his face. It was too cute!
He got out of bed and we watched Little Einsteins on the Disney channel and when Daddy got out of bed, we opened gifts. Nana and Grandad are here and we are heading to Monkey Joes as soon as Daddy is done in the shower. He got lots of SPIDERMAN stuff!!! :) This afternoon, Daxton and Matthew are coming over to swim and have cake with us. It should be fun to watch! We are doing whatever Nathan wants to do today and plan to indulge him completley!

On a sad note, Nana and Grandad leave sometime tonight between 12am and 4am so that they can get on the road. I am bummed because I love having my mum and dad here but I know they have to get back to their lives in Guelph. But I hate goodbyes! :( But when Nathan gets up and they are not here, it will make him sad. :(

Off to MJ's now!!! Updates later!!!

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Lee said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan! Safe travels to your parents, too ;)