Friday, August 15, 2008


Well, it has begun! Teachers are calling me left and right and I am UP for the challenge! I am at the Alternative school today and I am teaching US Civics and World History in the old classroom that I used to teach in back in 2006! Weird!!!
Now, onto other news!
Nathan's teacher - Mrs. Brady - has told me that she is putting my name in as ROOM MOM for his Pre-K class. She and I know each other from Church and she feels more comfortable with someone she knows helping out. So, that is great. I went yesterday to the school for VOLUNTEER TRAINING.....talked to the Principal for the school and told her that I was interested in full time work if anything ever opened up and that I was available for subbing. So we will see what happens now! :)
I brought my laptop with me to the school to install the Scrapbook Creator Plus software - but I am NOT going digital for good! I can't imagine not being able to play with my paper and tools and such! I also brought my little book with me to keep reading - it is called ROCOCO and it is by Adriana Trigiani. A great book! I am enjoying it immensely!
Nathan's 4th birthday is tomorrow. I have selected a SPIDERMAN cake and two of his little friends are coming over to swim with him in the afternoon. Should be a fun time! My baby turns 4 tomorrow!!!! He is growing fast!!! My parents are here for his birthday and they leave on Sunday morning. I would LOVE for them to stay for a longer visit, but they have a life back home in Canada that they need to get back to. They have been spoiling Nathan and I since they got here though! ;)
Well, that is all my updating and I will update more after the little swimming party tomorrow. A good friend posted yesterday that LIFE IS GOOD! I am totally on board with that!!!!

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Lee said...

I can so see you as the room mum! I was at one point for each of my four kids and it is wonderful to get to know their friends and teachers. You're perfect for the job! Glad to hear life is good ;)