Thursday, July 31, 2008

Worst Night EVER!

I did not sleep well last night at all and every time I woke up, I felt this headache coming on....
I have taken 3 Motrin (200MG) and NOTHING! I have had my first cup of coffee thinking that it was withdrawal....NOTHING! It better go away soon! I feel terrible! I look terrible and today is the day they have the open house at the school to introduce Nathan to his classroom and his teacher!!! I HAVE to go to that!
Well, I am heading down to lay on the couch and feel better! UGH!


Lee said...

In the last 24 hours I think every woman I've ever known has had a wicked headache! You and I are in great company, though it still pounds away. I've just taken some of my treasured US Aleve. Fingers crossed! Hope you feel better soon, chickie!

Midnite Scrapper said...

Awww...yuck. I have taken my share of Exedrin Migraine and Exedrin Tension Headache this week. It's awful. Here's to hoping you feel better soon! =]