Sunday, July 20, 2008

ScrapShare Skyline Retreat - 03/09

So, I am already getting asked about this retreat and I haven't finished with the plans and prep work for the OCTOBER retreat! I am so surprised and also excited about this retreat. I have 61 people on the list of people interested and of that list, 32 will have already been to Skyline at least once! Can you believe this? I am SO SHOCKED! Check it out!!!!

  1. GACynM
  2. Shelbi (TNGirl1979)
  3. Cori (toucann)
  4. Marta (theatrelvr92)
  5. Sharon (SB in GA)
  6. Cathryn (Cathryn in Atlanta)
  7. Kimmie
  8. Holley (educ8or2000)
  9. Pammesue
  10. Tonya
  11. Cami (cami baldivid)
  12. PPD
  13. Allison (sunnieday)
  14. Michele (micheledwn2)
  15. Chris (christij67)
  16. Pam in GA
  17. Betty (scrap simply)
  18. Candy (Candy in AL)
  19. Laura (lauragrdh)
  20. Dee (dee1&only)
  21. Peg
  22. BerryBry
  23. Jen ( jeninpink)
  24. Sherry (qtip)
  25. Stacey in GA
  26. Jill (jfisher5wvu)
  27. Nina (nfoz)
  28. Bev in OH
  29. Susan B
  30. Karen in TN
  31. Beth (Basket Lady)
  32. Tricia (Pabby)
  33. Nancy - DZCROPPER
  34. Benita (buckiscrapper)
  35. Misty (twinglesmomi)
  36. Lori in VA
  37. CajunDisney
  38. ShabbyCat
  39. Leslie (ctscanchick)
  40. Lee(monade)
  41. scrbkngal
  42. mamajo (riding with LSUGirl & CajunDisney!)
  43. amyhudson
  44. GAMOM
  45. missyg
  46. BayAmandaL
  47. Grenolafarms
  48. BlessedMommy
  49. Kendra
  50. Theresa
  51. AngWV
  52. Jancy
  53. Amy (George)
  54. Jen (momof2greatcats)
  55. Wendy (courtclay)
  56. Lisa Lisa
  57. Beth Ann (rmrjmrgirl)
  58. JuLeigh
  59. Leigh
  60. Libby
  61. amymc565
Can you believe this list when we had such a tough time getting girls to come to the first retreat because Shelbi and I were "unknown". Now, we have 61 people on a list of "WANT TO GO".....
I am beside myself! We have the dining hall so that means that we can possibly get all of these girls in if they want! But, I want to get up there and play with the tables. Maybe in October when everyone is gone, we can play with the tables and figure out really how many we can have in there!

As for MARCH 2009 - I have set some rules already because Theresa sent me a PM about how I was going to do registration for the Spring Retreat.
I promised the girls that attended the FIRST retreat that they would have FIRST DIBS on the spots for the Spring Retreat. Now, at the time of my promise, I did not know that I was going to do an October retreat.

So, I will give them a deadline to get back to me with a deposit. If they do not get back to me by the deadline, they will lose their opportunity and be on the wait list. Then, I will ask the girls in October if they are "IN". They have to tell me yes or no at the retreat in October and hand over their deposit then. If not, when I get home, I will be opening up the registration to the girls on the list above! I will have a specific time that I will start the registration on a specific day. Then the time stamps on the emails to me will help me with the registrations. I will send out the "WELCOME EMAIL" and give deposit info to them.
I am trying to be as fair as I can. It is tough! I just keep shaking my head that this many people want to come to the retreat and crop! How AWESOME is that!?!?!?!?!


I can't wait until October! I am getting excited for this next retreat. Even though we are at the Retreat Center with a bunch of stairs to get there, I am excited. Excited to see the girls that were there in April and excited to meet more SS Sisters!!!
The goody bags are bought! They are ALTERED!
The MEALS are planned! I just have to purchase the food (which will be done when I get up there).
Some door prizes are being donated and others I need to purchase.
I have my goody bag item that I want to give everyone.
I have made my lists of what to pack and what is needed.
I have even finished making the name tags!
I have to collect payments still, but that will be all the way up until the 30th of September!

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