Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Well, we got home around 11:15 on Friday July 4th. Since then, we have been going places every day.

Today is the first day that we have had "DOWN TIME" because all of our friends work and the only time they can get together is at night! I just finished getting back from Shoppers where I got some photos printed so that I can scrapbook.
So, currently, Ben is sitting watching FRACTURE and I am sitting here online, while Nathan AND my parents are asleep in their beds. Nathan gets up and walks past us, goes up and wakes mum and dad up instead! SWEET EH?
We set out on Thursday (the 3rd) night at 7pm and the drive was pretty uneventful. I drove to mile marker 25 in Tennessee and then we switched. Ben drove to just past Dayton Ohio, then I took over and drove into Windsor Ontario. Then, Ben took over when we got into Windsor until we hit GUELPH.
I went to BINGO with my mum on Saturday morning. On the way to BINGO, we had to stop the car while 3 CANADIAN GEESE crossed the road....
Saturday afternoon, we went to Ben's brother and SIL's to let Nathan play with his cousins. He really has a good time. Then we came home and Ben went out to the Stampede Ranch to hang with his brother and 2 cousins. They got SEVERELY DRUNK! So, I had to go and get them from his cousins house on Sunday morning before going to his mom's house! LOL They all looked REALLY ROUGH! I spent the night scrapbooking on Saturday night and got 8 pages done!
Then Sunday, we were at Ben's parents house.
Yesterday we were in Kitchener to the passport office to renew Nathan's passport - can you believe that it is renewable for 15 years this time!??! I was surprised because by the time he is 18 - he will NOT look at all like he does now at age 3! Oh well! My friend, Kathy, came by last night after work and had dinner with us all. It was good to see her and catch up.
Today, we are home all day, tonight we head to Doug's new apartment in Kitchener, to meet his new girlfriend Tara and her son Aidan. Doug used to be married to Jenn, but they have since split and he is with this new girl. He wants us to meet her tonight. Then, on our way back to Guelph, we will pop into Breslau to see Steve, Maria and their two boys - Zach and Evan. Steve was our best man at our wedding and is still a good friend of ours. Maria is probably one of the best mom's I know. She is so patient with the boys and I admire how she is with them both.
Tomorrow night (Wednesday), we will head to Cambridge to have Mongolian Grill with Sarah and Scott and their son Brayden. Tomorrow during the day - no plans - we may head up to Fergus to relax by my MIL's pool.
Thursday - we may head to BIL and SIL's house in Cambridge to hang with their kids. Nathan really enjoys hanging with their kids. Thursday night, Ben will be heading out with his friend Doug and he will be home that night.
FRIDAY is the day I AM WAITING FOR! I head to Oakville to see LEE(monade) from ScrapShare and Marcy and Char will be there too! Ben will be at his mom's in Fergus with Nathan and I will be having a great time with Lee! Last time I was here, Lee was in Cape Cod and wasn't able to get together. But this time, she will be home and I get to go and hang with her and see her scrapbook studio, meet her 4 kiddos and her hubby! I will also get to see Char again and Marcy again! Marcy and I met in January at the FLSSIII retreat and Char and I got together in June when I was up for my birthday! All 3 gals! I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!
Depending on how late I get home on Friday, we may leave then, or we may leave to drive home on Saturday.....
Hey, at least I am HOME.....


Lee said...

Isn't "home" great! Just got back! Well, back then to baseball games. I'm just getting ready to head to bed.


Sharon said...

My goodness you have done a lot since you have been there!! Can't wait for you to get back to GA!! We have lots of catching up to do now that I am home!!