Tuesday, July 15, 2008

10 REASONS.....................

A great friend told me to do this to get out of this funk I am in......Hopefully it works......

  1. Ben is my ONE and ONLY support here and my BEST FRIEND. Our relationship is stronger since we moved here because we have had to rely on each other more than we did back in Canada.
  2. We made a family here and have a close-knit family because we ARE here....Our family appreciates the time that we spend with them when we visit.
  3. Nathan was conceived here and born here
  4. This is HOME to me
  5. No In-Laws to tell us how to raise Nathan or what to do with our lives
  6. No Friends to distract us from each other (we have friends, but not the kind that could hurt our relationship)
  7. No snow to shovel - you don't have to shovel rain. Playing in the rain with Nathan is fun.
  9. I have made friends here that I wouldn't have met if I did not move here and made even more friends through ScrapShare had it not been for Sharon.
  10. My house makes me smile and is my sanctuary..........