Monday, June 16, 2008



Just this past week, while I was in Canada, my cat that I have had since 10th grade - Gizmo - was losing weight, not eating, just laying around. He was not himself and had been diagnosed with Hyper-thyroidism. They told mum to put this cream in his ear but to not get any cream on her skin, etc. Now, she did not start putting the cream in his ear because mum knew we were coming for a visit. She started the day that we left.
On Tuesday (my birthday), Gizmo was outside on the lawn when it was thundering and lightning - just LAYING THERE. My dad went out to get him and dried him off. Gizmo had lost a lot of weight - maybe he was about 5 pounds. So, Mum decided that if he was still just laying around on Wednesday, she would make an appointment to see the vet.
Well, they called me on Wednesday after seeing the vet to tell me that they had left Giz there. He was being put to sleep and cremated. I knew that he was not feeling well but it still bugs me that I was not there for him. He has lived from the time I was 15 until NOW - I am 33. A LONG life. His quality of life in the end was NOT GOOD. Mum and Dad thought it was best to let him go. I have bawled my eyes out a few times a day this week.
I feel horrible that I wasn't there. I could have been if they had done it before I left on Monday.
I loved Gizmo....he was a wonderful cat! He had such a personality and could "talk" to us. He would yeowl at us when he wanted outside, or when he wanted us to pick him up. It was pretty cute. One of my favorite pictures is of Nathan standing at the back door with Gizmo looking at him and it looks like they were having a little conversation that we didn't know about. It was too cute!
You may think I am being silly over a cat - but he was pretty darn special.
Rest in Peace Giz! I love you!

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Kaye said...

I'm sorry for your loss.