Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, after a long talk with a wonderful friend online, I decided to tender my resignation and give 2 weeks notice. My last day is May 27th 2008 at the daycare. It really was NOT what I thought it would be. After being so miserable and being a BITCH to my family (especially Nathan - which I regret more than anything) I am DONE!!! Ben will not be neglected anymore and I am going to spend the entire summer with Nathan! I just think that my family deserves better than what they have gotten the past few months and NOW is the time to make it happen!
I wrote the resignation letter, put it on the desk up front with confidential on it and when I went to check to see if it as there anymore, it was gone. She has read it but has not made any comments on it. Which surprises me very much. Afterall, she did guilt trip me into staying in April when I tried to leave and she told me that I could get time off whenever I needed it, it was not a problem. So, I stayed....even though I knew that I have to have a few medical procedures and then have some time to spend with family when they come to visit!!! So, all in all, we all won on this resignation.....As mum put it "Cyn, you can always find another $8/hour job"

As for the other thing for my birthday - it is a secret - so NO COMMENTS about that!

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Lee said...

Good for you! Have a GREAT summer ;)