Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's No Place Like Home.....

This week tell us about the places you've called home.
Have you lived in one place all your life?
Tell us about it and why you've chosen to stay there.
Have you lived in many places?
Where have you lived and what have you done to make each place feel like home?
What has been your favorite place to live and why?
I called Guelph Ontario CANADA "HOME" up until I turned 27. Up until September 2002, I was NEVER going to leave Guelph because it was home to me, ALL of my friends lived in and around the area, my mum and dad were a few blocks away and I could see them any time I wanted to (even when I got married I could visit whenever).

September 2002, it all changed. Ben's company asked him to move and we took a while to decide, but it was the best chance that he would have to grow in his job and within the company. So, we moved to Warner Robins Georgia. We have been here since September 9th 2002 and I call it HOME.
A lot of my friends do not understand why I love to be here....well, they do - KINDA - when they have to shovel their snow and are completely cold in the winter. BUT - they don't really understand. I consider this home because:
1. My husband is here and we have become so close since we moved here and did not have anyone to rely on but ourselves. We have a better relationship here and I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world.
2. We now have a child and I really and truly believe that if we were still in Canada, with the pressures from in-laws to reproduce, we would not have Nathan at all. I was NOT ready for a child then, nor did I want one because of the MONDO pressures that we had to have kids. NO THANKS!
3. My life is so much more here....I don't mean monetary or anything like that. We have a church family here that we DID NOT have in Canada. We have come to Christ together and that is a HUGE thing for us. Back in Guelph, we would have probably sat on the fence about which church we would attend and probably never would have chosen a church home. I was RC and he was raised Baptist. So, we always would feel bad because we didn't have any idea which religion to settle with. Now, there is no question. We all attend Harvest Church UMC and we really enjoy it. We got baptized as a family October 10th 2004 when Nathan was not yet 3 months old. We plan to raise him in this church.
It is also home because I LOVE IT HERE!!!! Our home is what I wanted (although we are starting to outgrow it now that we have a child), my marriage is better than ever, our family is a good size (just the 3 of us) and I love the weather. What more could a girl want???

Well, I can think of one thing.....to have my parents live in Warner Robins too!!! THAT would be awesome!!!! ;)


CloverGirl said...

I can totally relate to growing closer after you moved. I often say that my relationship with Ron became what it was when we moved here because we only had each other...and I'm only 4 hours from family, so not as far as you!!

Congrats on making your new home in GA a happy one.

Lee said...

How did I not read this before? Let me just say that Warner Robbins is lucky to have you. Every US community should have it's token Canadian ;)