Sunday, March 9, 2008


I am currently working at the daycare that my son is enrolled at and he gets to go for free as long as I work there.
I get paid $8 an hour to teach there and I.HATE.IT.
At first, I thought I was really going to enjoy it because I was floating all over the place within the daycare and I really enjoyed that. But as soon as I got my own room, I felt suffocated and stuck in one place and I don't enjoy that at all.

I plan activities for the kids and have gotten really sick from them already (bronchitis and the flu)......I really want to stick it out and pay down some serious debt weekly (since I get paid weekly) and I am not sure I can ENDURE working there. I have told dh that I am not enjoying it and he said to stick it out until Nathan goes to school in August....

I seriously think that I would rather stay home with Nathan forever than stay at this job - even if it means that we get rid of some CC debt with the money I earn at the daycare.

There is another dilemma though - I want to spend the summer with Nathan before he starts school.......I want to hang with him all summer and enjoy him before he starts in August....I know that will save us money - not having to have him in daycare all summer, but what about NOW????

I could go back to subbing in the school system and I would be a-o-k doing that. I really liked that. I hated when the kids got lippy with me, but can tolerate it for a day or two.

I teach aerobics two times a week right now as a second job to get my membership for free. I enjoy it a lot and I have lost a ton of weight (well not really - I have gone from 158 to 140 as of this morning) and I am happy about it. I do not pay for a membership, I can pick up classes when I need extra money or I can stick with my couple of classes that I teach weekly.
As for a different part time job - I am sure I could get a job at the Hobby Lobby here or another Retail store while DH is home with Nathan or I could just keep subbing like I was all year up until I started working at the daycare.

The debt reduction was the reason for the job change in the first place anyway - save Nathan's daycare tuition and get paid on top of that. Good options.
I am going into the daycare tomorrow and I hope to talk to Pam (the director) about possibly changing to the floating position and see if I like it any more than the Ocean Room that I have.

I loved getting the daycare set up and setting up the room the way I wanted it, but I really do not love being stranded in one room all day long with the same kids and not being able to go to the restroom when I want, etc. Here's something else that chaps my butt......I got bronchitis and the flu from these kids that I have and all last weekend I was in bed with a fever of 102.5. On Monday last week, I felt so terrible that I asked Pam if there was anyone that could cover me so that I could go home. She made this big deal about me being sick and not having anyone to cover me, etc. She then arranged it so that I could go home and when I did, I took Nathan with me and we went home to bed. Both of us were in my bed and then I called in sick on Tuesday at 6:30am.

I paid to take Nathan to daycare so that he would not get what I had - I could NOT take care of him and me on Tuesday - dizzy, coughing, sneezing, etc. They told DH that I was not to have Nathan at daycare when I am home sick - I told them on Wednesday that I PAID to have him at daycare and that was why he was at daycare while I was recouperating at home. The rest of the week went on from there and it was terrible!!! The director was out ALL WEEK sick (after her big blow up at me not being able to stay at work on Monday). What a mess eh? I just don't see how I can work in a place like that - yes they have a great facility, but don't get sick, they can't handle it......I should be able to call in "GUILT FREE" from them - sure I feel guilt already by calling in sick, but man - I don't need the guilt from them too! Especially if I PAY to have my child at daycare because I can not take care of him when I am as ill as I was on Tuesday!!! Common sense people!!!

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