Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blog Challenge #8

When we are lucky enough to gather around the table and have everyone home for our evening meal, there are always two questions we ask everyone seated at the table....
What was your favorite part of your day today?
What was your least favorite part of your day today?
Even Joel participates in this tradition. Most days the answers are somewhat predictable but there are days when my sweet children surprise me with wonderful insights into our world.So pick a day this week and sit down and just blog those two questions

Well, my favourite part of my day yesterday was taking a road trip with my DH and DS to Archivers in Marietta Georgia. We got in the car after Nathan got up from his nap and drove up the I75 to 575 and went to my "scrapbook haven". I even got a pic of DH "IN" Archivers. We talked all the way there and I have to admit that it was a great time with the three of us in the Nissan Pathfinder. On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds and both Nathan and I had a Happy Meal - me - chicken nuggets and him - cheesy burger. Ben got a #3 and as we were driving downtown Atlanta, I showed him the PIRATE in my happy meal and how cool he was....if someone was watching us as we drove, they would think we were not paying attention to the road and carrying on.....which is kind of what we were doing, but it was a fun trip. I even got a special "wand" that was meant for me to get in my "girl" meal, but it ended up in Nathan's meal. It lights up and is pretty neat. Nathan took the pirate and I took the wand. It was a nice little trip and Nathan even liked Archiver's. He liked looking at the Spider Man stickers.....
All in all a great trip had by all...Ben and I held hands and every now and then I would lean over and kiss his cheek or his hand. A nice family time.....

My least favourite part of the day was doing laundry and cleaning.....YUCK....need I say more????

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