Thursday, March 6, 2008

Blog Challenge - #7 - Embarrassing Moments.....

BLOG CHALLENGE # 7 - Embarrassing Moments
If you only have one most embarrassing story then you are lucky! I have about ten really good ones that still make me red in the face when I recount them. But one thing I have found is that most embarrassing stories usually result in someone reporting back to you that they have had a similar experience or know someone who has. We all do dumb things, have stupid stuff happen to us in public, experience an escape of gas at the most inopportune moment or find ourselves in a predicament we just didn't expect. Ever. The challenge this week is to write about one of those moments. Trust will be cathartic! I would suggest....and it is merely just a suggestion....that you keep the subject lighthearted. This is your choice but I'm not encouraging anyone to dredge up some long-held secret that you swore you would never reveal. It's a chance to laugh at yourself and commisserate with others about the times when things just don't go right.
Blog on!!

Well, isn't this going to be FUN!
Okay, as a kid I was a tomboy and I was one until half way through high school until I really "MET" boys as, well, boys..... The things we go crazy about, can live with them OR without them at times too.....

Well, I was going to the semi-formal event that the Sea Cadets were having and I was getting all dolled up too. I had my "monthly bill" and wore extra "protection" so that the dress wouldn't get messed up and everything. Got all dressed up and met my date at the Optimist Club for the big dance. It was the first time in a year that I had worn a dress and I had my hair done and everything. We all mingled, talked and we were told to sit in our seats and wait for our dinner to be brought out to the buffet style table. Table by table, we were sent up to get some food from the buffet and as I sat down, Mike Blondin (one of my good buddies from the drumline that I played with all my sea cadet life) tells me "Hey Cyn, you got SALAMI stuck to the back of your dress, you better get it off quick".
I put my plate down and ran for the bathroom. IT WAS NOT SALAMI......he later figured it out too, but he said it from about 3 tables over and all my friends heard it. My parents were not home when I called for them to get me, they didn't know a thing had happened. A very good friend Troy Hamilton took me home and I got changed into black dress pants and he convinced me to go back - even if everyone knew it wasn't salami and I had a BLAST!!!
Poor Mike Blondin, he apologized about it for weeks after that!!!!

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