Friday, February 8, 2008


Where do you go when you know you have to go somewhere but don’t have the time, energy or inclination to actually leave the house?

When I need a mental holiday, I head to the scrapbook room and look through my albums, I look at the pictures that I have to scrapbook still and I look at the extra pictures that didn't make it into my scrapbooks. I listen to my favourite music and relax a little while I do this "walk down memory lane".
Other times, I head to the bathroom, fill the tub with extra hot water and bubble bath and sit in there and soak. I close my eyes and picture the beach, the sand, the ocean crashing on the beach and sitting in the sun. Then I get out of the tub when the water gets cold and get into my warm fuzzy flannel jammies and head to sit in front of the fire. Remember my first night with my hubby Ben when we spent all night talking in his cousin's basement in front of the fire. It reminds me how much I love Ben and how much we have been through to get to where we are today. :)

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