Saturday, February 9, 2008

BLOG CHALLENGE - #2 - Book/CD Club

Imagine that you have just joined a club.
It is a FAVORITES book/cd club.

When it is your time to make a suggestion you should suggest a book and cd that is your favorite –the one that you really connect with.

Your goal is not to please the group but to convey something about yourself with your selection. Select the one book that you really connect with for whatever reason.

Select the album/cd that you would keep if you were only allowed one for the rest of your life.

Along with your selection please explain why.


The favourite CD that I would keep if I was only allowed one for the rest of my life.....I would create a CD mixed by me with several songs on it that reminded me of different times in my life....

The Gambler - by Kenny Rogers
When I was a little girl, my mum and I had left my real father and at bedtime she would play this as I fell asleep. His voice was comforting to me. Still is.
Frank Sinatra - any song by Frank Sinatra reminds me of my step father, Al, who adopted me at the age of 18 as his own daughter. Anything with a "big band" feel to it always makes me think of him.
Heaven - by Bryan Adams
Just reminds me of the first real boyfriend I had - Andrew. Not sure why - just does.
Sting - any slow song of his makes me relax - it's his voice.
From This Moment On - By Shania Twain
My wedding song with Ben, the love of my life. We danced to this song at our wedding as our first dance as husband and wife. Every time I hear it, I remember that day. Makes me remember how great that day was, where we were then and how we have grown closer and stronger over the years.
You Gotta Be - by Des'Ree
This song is just a reminder to be strong.
Arms Wide Open - by Creed
It is a song about having a child - reminds me of Nathan and how my life changed as soon as I realized I was pregnant with my son the "Gift from God".
The Way I Was Made - by Chris Tomlin
I love this song and it reminds me that I am the way I am because God Made me that way....He loves me just the way I was made.
Grace Like Rain - By Todd Agnew
I love this song. I think it is a wonderful remake of Amazing Grace....

As for the book club, I am not sure what book to choose.....I have enjoyed all the books by Adrianna Trigiani that I have read so far. I have also enjoyed all the books by Maeve Binchy, Sophie Kinsella, and several other authors.
I am currently reading the Total Money MakeOver by Dave Ramsey and I think that would be a good one for everyone to read if they are in debt up to their eyeballs or just want to be financially "made over".....

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