Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am so psyched! We opened a YAHOO group for our retreat as well. Should be fun!

The deposits are rolling in and the retreat is going from two of us looking forward to it to about 15 people wanting to go!

I am awaiting deposits that people have told me are postal!

The goody bags are chosen and all I have to do is purchase them online. The door prizes are in the works AND Shelbi and I have talked about logos! :)

I am also thinking of raffling off a CRICUT on the Saturday at noon and getting people to buy an arms length worth of tickets to help with the purchase of that machine so I don't feel the "lump sum" out of my pocket! Imagine the looks on their faces when we tell them that on our yahoo group!!! If there is extra money (depending on how much is left over, we will 50/50 draw it using the same tickets and the person will split the money with another person drawn!)

I am planning to work on my CYNDI page for the retreat too! This is the pic I am using on my 8x8 layout!

More to come!


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