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FLSSIII - Rocked my socks! (a retreat virgin's point of view)

Here we are!!! Group Pic!

Okay, so I got a PM on Monday from Beth and she said that if I wanted to come, I had to let her know by 4pm. I madly called around to some of the girls that teach on Saturdays to see if someone would take my class. Chaunte said yes and I immediately let Beth know and sent my money! I was headed to the retreat! Not only was I excited, but I started to panic because it was my first retreat and I had no idea what to pack!

So, I started a list:
penguin pants
jogging pants
hair scrunchies
shower stuff/toothbrush/toothpaste
tylenol pm
purple blanket (made for me for Christmas by my friend on here Shelbi - tngirl1979)
camera/batteries/cord/memory card
laptop/cordextension cord
cricut/cord/cutting mats
ott light
personal trimmer
swap stuff
power layout box
small printer/photo paper
paper to use for layouts
Tim Hortons Coffee
Coffee Maker
paper bags
book to read when I get "creativity block"
Snack Stuff - salty and sweet
Herbalife Shake Powder and shaker
Fat Free Milk

I started to pack up EVERY Piece of paper that I had and realized that I could not carry all of that there! I was being silly! So, I took my boy papers, my swap papers and some extra cardstock. I also took my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock to use in my cricut.
Got all packed up the night before and could barely sleep because I was so excited! I woke Nathan up after my shower the next day and got him to daycare. He completely FLIPPED OUT! He knew I was heading out for the weekend and did not want me to go. I gave him to Oksana and left. I stayed near the window until he calmed down and then I could leave guilt free!!!
Drove toward the I75 and realized that it was backlogged with traffic, so I turned the car around and drove down 41 into Perry and got onto a "free and clear" I75 there. Smooth sailing all the way into Florida - with some serious slowdowns due to construction, but whatever!
The directions said 4 hours and 48 minutes and I did it in 5 with a stop off at exit 350 to go to Hobby Lobby and Joann's! 2:30pm arrival leaving at 9:30 am! LEAD FOOT!!!!
Got there and started unloading. Brenda and Beth helped me unload - how sweet of them!
I got them a little gift for getting me there and handed them to them. They loved the little weighted bags for scraps. They then handed me "THE KIT"
The kit for Scrapshare Retreat Virgins......all with items that I could use at the retreat! AND MCDREAMY himself! Afterall, he is THE SCRAPSHARE MAN......
So, I got to have McDreamy all weekend and loaned him to the girls a few times! You will not believe what he did this weekend!
I got settled and met my room mate - Kim......she is a great chick! Started cropping. Listening to all the different conversations going on in the room was hilarious. You would catch the end of a conversation and wonder "what the heck are they talking about????" They kept mentioning "nothing happens after midnight" which kept me wondering what REALLY happened after midnight! Met MissyG and Stacey R a little later and both are teachers. They are a lot of fun too! They got there just as we were going to head out for dinner...We went to Stavros and I, of course, took McDreamy. I had the VEAL - NEVER eat the veal there....the funny thing was seeing the older man with a mohawk.....strange. After dinner we hit Walmart and the 4 of us (Kim, Missy, Stacey and myself) saw some interesting characters.....
1 guy freaking out on the phone outside of walmart whileh is wife and kids were inside hiding
Same guy later 0n inside the store with a tattoo of a sun on his FOREHEAD
1 guy with really BAD teeth and a MULLETT smiled at us
We walked by a slipper rack and the 4 of us decided to buy red slippers to match the penguin pants. As I was trying on the slippers...
DUDE walks by and says "Dem are some niiice slippers" (we all cracked up after that).
Continued to look for stuff to take to the retreat to eat and drink and met some HOOCHIES one very pregnant and still wearing hoochie clothes (they kinda looked like strippers). Interesting people in Leesburg Florida! Anyway, we bought our stuff and left.
When we got back from Walmart, ANG had already been ENABLED (she came in begging to be enabled) and bought a CRICUT at walmart AND found CARTRIDGES on sale for $30!!!!
We got to cropping and decided to put on our penguin pants and new slippers and "MAKE AN ENTRANCE". So, we got in there and did the Broadway Kick....

So, we got a "kick" outta those $5 slippers. Then we got back to cropping! I met Annie Jo and her STASH of Cricut cartridges! Holy Cannoli does she have a lot! She has the original bug AND the Expressions because she wanted the cartridges that you only get with the Expressions! She even bought the Design Studio Software at Walmart when she went! So, she was trying to work that software out when she first got to the retreat! We all have our toys now! Lots of ENABLING going on at this retreat!!! I spent some time posting pictures on ScrapShare for people to see what we were up to and checking out some other stuff to get ideas......I went to bed around 2:30am and felt HORRIBLE! I think I had food poisoning in a bad way! I felt horrible all night long and did not sleep much. I finally went to Walmart at 5am to get some pepto tablets and finally got about an hour and a half sleep.

Saturday, I feel a bit better after my first cup of coffee (McDreamy joined me) and started to crop again. A little ways into the day, I got antsy and took a walk around the room and took pictures of everyone there and even looked at what they were working on (for inspiration).
These ladies are awesome scrapbookers! I tell ya! A lot of talent in that room! Our group PIC was taken at 11am and we even did a "playful picture".
Continued to work on my scrapbooking and because we did a page swap at the retreat, I started to work on that layout for Brenda. Technically, the layout is for her daughter and I had a lot of fun doing it but it is a LOT MORE STRESSFUL when they are not your pictures and they are Scrapbookers too! Here is the layout I did for Sarah....Brenda's daughter....
Pretty cool eh? Sarah is adorable! I used stickles for the first time on this layout and it turned out really well. Brenda gave me her favourite colour - lime green and she said she likes to mix it with purple (my favourite colour). So, this is what I came up with using a Becky Higgins Sketch (modified of course). Beth did my page which was of my Mum and I playing Bingo! It had stickles on it too and I love it because it is on PURPLE paper and my new friend Beth made it for me!!!!! Finished it on Saturday night. I stopped working on my pages to work on some swaps for AngWV's milti element paper swap. I haven't done a swap yet - except the certification swap and I was stressing completely over it! But, I figured out that as long as it is something that I would put in MY album, quality wise (and I am OCD about my albums) then it should be okay for other people's albums! I even posted on ScrapShare the set I completed while at FLSSIII. They all seemed to like it! Kelli was talking to us about being a lunch lady and she was telling us about the Soulja Boy dance she did for the kids in the lunchroom. We asked her to show us how. So, she did!!! Marcy even video taped it! She also told us how to do the Llama Chant..... So, she taught us how to do that and I showed the girls what the "Pop, Lock and Drop It" is.
Then, we made Kristin do some clogging with McDreamy and brought in the birthday cake for Kristin and Brenda! What a hoot! Then, we all got in line to do the soulja boy, the llama chant and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt!

I went to bed after finishing this swap set and looking at Lindsay's pages of her daughter Amelia (2:00am).
What a talented chick she is!!! I am impressed with her scrapbook pages, her photography and how cool and fun she is! Amelia is absolutely ADORABLE! I love that name too! One of the names I had on my list for a little girl if I ever had one! Too cute! So, I headed to bed and after Friday night, I decided to take 2 Tylenol PM's and head to bed. Which is one thing I did NOT want to do, but did anyway because I was so tired from Friday night and needed to sleep....

Sunday, slept in until 9am! Not impressed because I wanted to get up and get to work on AngWV's Basic Grey Swap before I left! I packed up the Cricut, Cartridges and moved my car close to the door. It had already started to rain, but I made sure the back opened under the overhang! I got to see what everyone else did over the weekend, started to work on the swaps and got to have lunch with Kristin and Lindsay. Lindsay told me about the paper piecings she did for a swap and what turned her off of the swaps and showed me some after lunch....THIS GIRL CAN PAPER PIECE! They were STUNNING!!! Like I said before - TALENTED LADIES HERE!!! I got ready to go and packed the car and said my goodbye's. Then I gave McDreamy back to Brenda and Beth.....Took a few pictures and got ready to leave. I made a lot of new friends at this retreat and these ladies really rocked! I have plans to go to the next retreat for sure with these ladies and I am going to try to convince some to come to my Tri-State retreat!
Oh....on the way home from Florida, I stopped off at Toys-R-Us to get a McDreamy to bring out at the Tri-State Retreat too! I figured that I had to get him for the "McDreamy SAGA" to continue! Afterall, he IS the ScrapShare Guy!
It took me 5 hours to get home with 2 stops at Walmarts on the way to make sure they didn't have any cricut cartridges for $30 on clearance!!! But I was out of luck!
When I got home, Nathan met me at the car and said
Too sweet! He didn't want to go to bed when I asked him because he wanted to see me. But, he eventually did and I got to get into bed.....
Now, if only I could get rid of the WITHDRAWALS I have from not being with my new friends and having a TON of fun......and UNPACK my stuff!!!
COST: $125 dollars for the retreat
Completed 13 pages
Completed 1 swap
Learned how to do the Soulja Boy
Learned about Llamas
Met 21 AWESOME LADIES in real life
Enabled 2 ( and a few more once they got home).........

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