Sunday, January 6, 2008

2008 Already!

So, 2008 has already started and I am already behind on my blogging!

I have some resolutions but they are attainable ones!

1. Blog monthly (or more if time allows)
2. Work on getting out of debt/spend less
3. Scrapbook a page a day - total of 366 pages (if possible)
4. Date nights once per month with Ben
5. Read more
6. Be HAPPY......

I figure if I stick to these goals, I will be happy.....
As you can see, I did not put in goals like: Exercise, eat healthy, blah blah blah.....those I already do! I teach at least 2 aerobics classes a week and I eat fairly healthy anyway.

On another note.....
The Tri-State Retreat is going to happen! I am completely psyched! The deposits are coming in and people are asking for the info packets that I send via email. Shelbi and I even talked about keeping an eye out for a cheap cricut to raffle off as the "GRAND PRIZE" for one of the attendees! How cool would that be! It is just finding one that we can get at a cheap cost! Also, we have been in contact with Your Scrapbook Clearance Store and we may make a little trip from the retreat to get cheap scrapbook stuff!
Things are really shaping up! I even opened a bank account to make sure that the money stays separate from my account and when the retreat is all over and done with, I will use the same account to save for some "Cyndi" stuff.....for example - the camera I have been drooling over for months now! I will be putting my Oxygen checks in that particular account starting in the new year. Of course, I will keep track of that and make sure that my money is separate from the retreat, but if I have to spend a little of it for the retreat gifts/door prizes, that is okay by me too!

Ben's checks will go to the house, car and utilities. I may start working at Nathan's daycare in the end of the month and that will give us $500 per month free since his tuition to daycare will be free, and I would even get paid $8 per hour on top of that. Then, all of those checks will go directly to debt - will deposit to the bank and immediately put onto our debt. IF I GET THE JOB!!!!!

Funny thing, friends have told me that this is the year they live within a budget. SEVERAL of our friends have said that. So, I guess we are not the only people living beyond our means....
This is the year to get out of debt/live on a budget!

Keep your fingers crossed for us....

One more thing......My mum goes in for Gall Bladder Surgery tomorrow....please pray she comes out and is fine!


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