Saturday, December 15, 2007

Puppies at Christmas!

Well, I took the cats in for a lion cut and took the dogs in to get their nails trimmed. While I was there the girls told me about the new puppies that they had added to their rescue and showed them to me. They were lab mix puppies and one looked just like a miniature Molson. ADORABLE!
Anyway, I brought her home while the cats were getting their hair cut so that Ben could see her and Nathan could see her too. She cried all the ride home, but when I got her here, everyone was okay with her. She was so cute checking things out and looking around a atuff. She sat in between my legs and laid down and relaxed a little when she was done exploring. Then I had to take her back to the pet store.
Too cute for words! :)
I will post a pic when I get it off my camera phone

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