Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Well, the Arriscraft Party was great and we had fun. They even had a photographer to take pictures! See the start page to see ours......onto other things though....

I was talking to the daycare director on Friday and she said that with the new addition that there would be jobs that need filling. So, I brought in my resume and diploma for Early Childhood Education for her to look over. I spoke to her today and she is definitely interested in me. Nathan's tuition would be FREE AND I would get paid too! So, I am sincerely thinking it over.

I subbed today but I don't have many jobs lined up for the month of December. We leave on the 21st of December to drive up to Canada - yay - and we will be hanging with our families and friends over the holidays. We'll see how Nathan does now that we have the new car and dvd player! :)

Well, hopefully all your Christmas shopping is done, I know mine is!
If I don't blog before then, please have a SAFE and HAPPY Holiday!


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