Saturday, December 8, 2007

December is Upon Us!

Ben got a new car in the middle of November and we are enjoying the new car. It is nice! A Silver 2008 Nissan Pathfinder SE. Nice vehicle for Ben. He seems to be liking his new ride.

Onto other news....for Thanksgiving we went to hang out with Bill, Gail and their two boys for the 4 days and Ben's parents drove down from Canada to hang out with us too. It was a nice little break.

Well, we are now into December and I am DONE my Christmas shopping! I have sent up the majority of the presents with Ben's parents to Canada so that we don't have as much to lug up to Canada on the 21st. I have wrapped all of the gifts and they are sitting at my parents house waiting for us to get there. The other gifts that I had ordered online have arrived at the house and are sitting in a box all wrapped up and ready to drive up to Canada.

I have been working on some crafts to give as presents and I have to tell you - they look really good! I am impressed with my own handi-work! The first candle I made was for my secret sister.

I think I did a good job on them! I also sent a notebook that I altered for her to put sketches and stuff in there. See Below.....

Tonight we have a sitter coming to watch Nathan while we attend Ben's Christmas get together for his work.
I have gotten into watching Desperate Housewives Season 1 on DVD with Netflix...what a great show! I will have to rent all the others to get caught up to this season!!!

Did I mention that today was ROUGH for me? Nathan woke up at 6:15, then wanted breakfast and then I had to teach an aerobics class at 9:15 and the girls that made a stink about me not teaching (I mentioned that I might have to get a sub) Saturday didn't even show up! Then, when I got home, Nathan was whining about something. I got him MORE breakfast and then he had a nap. While he napped, I had a long hot bath and washed my hair and relaxed and went to take a nap and what do you know.....HE GOT UP just as I fell asleep and I could hear him messing around in the kitchen outside my door! SO - I got up!
So much for a nap before the big party! Yeah right!
So, I am struggling low, tired.....etc.

One good thing that is happening is that our TRI-STATE Retreat with ScrapShare is already planned and ready to go! We found the CUTEST goody bags and they are actually USEFUL! So, I am excited. We are already getting emails from people wanting information and I am pretty sure we will have the required amount of people to put the deposit down on the 15th of January!!!! How cool is that?
I am psyched! Shelbi has been great to work with too!!! We even opened a Yahoo Group for the retreat!!! :)

Well, that is all the news right now.....I'll write later on!

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