Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, I re-read my post from yesterday and I was kinda pissed off!!! I feel bad! BUT - it is the truth and how I was feeling at that time! FRUSTRATED would be the KEY term there! ;)

Now - today I got up AGAIN with Nathan and got ready for church. We weren't even late today! Which is always a good thing!
I told my friend Jamie that I would lead her carpet group today and teach her 5th grade girls because she is in Texas. It was okay. I am kind of glad that I don't do that every week - it was exhausting!!! But it was okay for a "sub" this week and next Sunday. I got home later than Ben and Nathan. I have been slacking on the home front lately (cleaning and laundry) so I had to get that started. We had soup (home made that I made myself - woohoo betty crocker) and sandwiches. Then we put Nathan to bed for his nap.

Ben and I sat down to watch CLICK. It wasn't a bad movie - had a good message to it.....
"don't try to rush through life stuff to get to the other side because you miss the "good stuff". He uses a UNIVERSAL REMOTE to fast forward through some stuff - a fight with his wife, dinner with his parents and his family, the work it takes to get a promotion - and ends up losing his life because it is like a TIVO - where it started to fast forward every time he had a fight with his wife, every bit of work to get a promotion, etc. It was kind of an eye opener for me. Sometimes I don't enjoy life in the "now" - in fact, I think a lot of people are like that. They work so hard for promotions, school, jobs and getting ahead that they forget to ENJOY NOW!!!!
It really makes me think!

So, while we were watching that movie, I got up to get some ice cream and Ben says to me "your butt looks really good in those jeans...". It is the FIRST compliment that I have had in a while that wasn't "staged". He will hug me from time to time while I am cooking or something to cop a feel and say sexy, but this was just THERE.....made me feel good.

Kind of like when Nathan tells me out of the blue "I Love You Mummy!" without the prompting. NICE! Or when Nathan comes over and just HUGS ME!!!!

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