Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Well, a couple of weeks ago, the aerobics coordinator at the Fitness Facility that I teach at once a week emailed me. She asked me if I would be willing to teach more classes - specifically on a Monday night at 5:30. I told her that I would. They have added the TGIF classes back and I will be teaching 2 of the 4 classes this month on a Friday at 5:30. I teach this Friday and I am teaching QUAD step. I can't wait! I spent 2 hours this afternoon at the gym trying to work out combos for the classes. It is so much fun!
Anyway, she told me last week that I would be teaching Monday nights as well starting in October. I spoke to the girl that used to teach that class and asked her why she didn't want to teach on Mondays anymore. She told me that the coordinator wanted her to take a different class because she needed to have at least 15 to 20 people taking that class and she didn't have the numbers. I felt HORRIBLE!!! I am not even sure that I can get that kind of response, but knowing the people that come to my Thursday night classes on a regular basis, I am sure I could get at least 10 to 12. Anyway - I told that instructor that if she wanted to I would get together with her to go over some Step aerobics with her and she and I plan to get together for a :JAM: session. Should be a lot of fun.
So, I taught on Monday night and I had 5 people!!! I was a little upset about it because I expected more than that! Especially when I went into my regular class on Thursday with the news of me teaching Monday nights and a few of them were pretty happy to hear it. So, I am not sure what happened on Monday night to only get 5 people! SO - I plan to talk it up on Thursday again and see what happens next Monday.
This Friday I teach the TGIF class and I am NOT looking forward to that! The coordinator and I exchanged emails again and I told her that I only had 5 people last night and she told me that it may take a couple of weeks for them to realize that the other girl isn't teaching and then it will be packed out again. But then she proceeded to tell me that she was COMING to the TGIF class on Friday! She said she was looking forward to it!!!! ACK!!!!
So, that should be interesting! I have to admit that I am pretty pumped about everything - maybe some more weight will just fall off of me now that I am teaching at least 3 classes a week! The top part of my rectus abdominis is starting to look like a washboard again - it's too bad I can't get my lower portion to look normal - C-Sections SUCK!!!

I am considering going back to personal training again. I LOVED working at the gym and I was happy there....maybe that is what I was meant to do? Maybe that is where my "Life's Meaning" Is.......
I know it is teaching in SOME aspect anyway because I have so much fun doing it (even if it takes forever to plan a class or routine out).

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