Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rough Times

Well, things have been rough lately.
Nathan has had a few weeks where he was not wanting to go to daycare. He would throw a fit on our drive down the street to get to daycare and continue until I left the room. It was ROUGH!!! Now, he is liking it, but 2 Thursdays ago, I got home from teaching a step class and Ben asked me to ask Nathan about Jacob. I asked and he told me that he was "picking on Jacob". So, I told him that he needs to be nice and no hitting or pushing.
I had a parent-teacher conference the next day and explained that Nathan is NOT a malicious little boy. He is BIGGER than all the kids in his class and they see him do something. The other kids push him and he retaliates by pushing back. They will see him before they see the other kid. They told me that he was not listening to his teachers, he was hitting his friends and pushing his friends. I was also told that I need to discipline him - I DO DISCIPLINE!!!!
I was really upset about it.
I pulled Nathan out of his class and looked him right in the face and told him that if he hits or pushes his friends then he will get a spanking if I am told about it.
He has been WONDERFUL since that day! In fact, I think the teachers are realizing that it isn't NATHAN!!!

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