Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Project Life Cards - Organization PART 2

Hello all!
As I said in PART 1 of the organization posts, I have had a really hard time trying to find which cards would work in my page layouts.  I previously had the cards sorted and stored in Medium CTMH Organizers by kit.  Both 4x6 cards and 3x4 cards were stored together.  

It just wasn't working for me.

If you ever feel like something isn't working for you in your creative space, you change it right?  Well, I decided to take matters into my own hands and change the way I had the cards. 

I have found that I use the 3x4 cards a little more than I use the 4x6 cards.  

I decided to organize my cards alphabetically by kit and then by size.  The first CTMH box was used solely for 4x6 cards - alphabetically by kit name.

Half of the second CTMH box was used for the rest of the 4x6 cards I had.  

The other half of the CTMH box, I started over with the 3x4 cards.  Again, I organized the cards alphabetically by kit name.  

Now, I also have some themed cards from Hobby Lobby that really didn't fit into a kit but are used throughout my albums for specific trips, school functions, birthdays, etc.  I have an Antonius plastic organizer from IKEA that I used just for these kinds of cards.  It is arranged alphabetically and sorted by size as well.  I have even stored the grid and lined 3x4 and 4x6 cards in the Antonius organizer. 

I guess I will see how it all works when I get my daughter's scrapbook out and try to get some layouts done!  Wish me luck!

Until Next time,

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Project Life Cards - Organization PART 1

I have been a busy chick lately and haven't been writing at all.

I have tried to get to work on some albums but have found that the way I am set up, I really can't find the ones I want to use quickly.  It was taking forever to find just the right card to use in my daughter's album.

A friend of mine told me about this website from a fantastic woman who has been keeping up with the PDF's of each of the kits that Becky Higgins has released in her Project Life line and has been updating it with each release!

So, I saved and printed each of the PDF Files and created a project Life Binder.

The PDF's have a picture of each of the cards that come in each kit and there is also a checklist so that you can keep track of the kits that you have.  For those of you who have a dozen or less kits, it is easy to keep track.  But for those of us who have a dozen or more to pull from, this checklist is PHENOMENAL!!!!

I used page protectors and sorted the kits alphabetically.  Now, when I work on albums, I can just flip through the book and find the proper card to suit the layout.

Pretty awesome, eh?

Until Next Time...

Monday, October 20, 2014

It's Like Herding A Bunch of Kittens!!!!

Well, it is definitely harder than I thought it would be!  Teaching the 2's I mean!
At the beginning of the school year, I was supposed to have one person as my parapro.  As it turns out, my good friend, Dawn, was hired to work with me.  It has been great to hang with her every day and do this 2's thing together!  We know each other really well and can "read" each other fairly well with regards to when we have had enough with certain children, when we need to take "a second" to calm down - it has been a good year so far!

I subbed in the 2's room last year.  When you are the teacher of the 2's, you can start out the year by showing them what you want from them and most of them will fall in line.  There are a few children that are a challenge in our classroom and it has been hard to be consistent, but we have been on it from the beginning.  
I have planned for all kinds of art and learning opportunities for the kidlets and they have done really well so far!  It is only when we get off-schedule that it feels a little HECTIC and CRAZY!  It turns into a "herding kittens" kind of day and both Dawn and I are relieved when the last child leaves for the day.  I think all the teachers have this sort of feeling though. I also think that after the first year, you get your real groove as a teacher, so next year will be a LOT better!  
I am not sure how the rest of the year will go, but I am hoping that I have proven to the preschool administration what I can do and how well I do it. Maybe next year I will get the Pre-K4 class (which is my goal).  

What worries me is, that Dawn and I will do such a good job this year, that they will want us to stay in the 2's class and repeat what we are doing this year again next year!  

Wish us luck!

Until Next Time,

Friday, August 1, 2014

New Job!

At the end of this school year, I was asked by my two bosses if I would teach the 2 year old class for the 2014-2015 school year.  I was told that I could use this year to prove to the preschool administrators what I can do as an Early Childhood Educator from Canada and prove to them that I can lead a class.  
I had to make a decision and I decided to do it.  I have to admit that working with the 2's is more of a challenge than working with the 4's and K's this past year because they don't have the verbal skills or the attention span.  It isn't really where I want to be, but to show them what I can do, I can do it for a year.  Who knows, it may be something that I want to continue doing!  The best thing is:  It's MY classroom and I can do exactly what I did in Canada with the 2's I worked with there!  

My classroom theme:  ERIC CARLE

I think the hardest part was the planning that I spent the majority of my summer doing. Who knows, it may not be the hardest part....but the bulk of the planning is done for the year.  It is just my job to execute the planning!!!!
Wish me luck!!!

Until Next Time,


Thursday, May 15, 2014

A New Home For Us!

It all started with a chat about where we may move after Nathan was done 5th grade and our current lease was finished.
A friend at work had been re-zoned for a different high school for her daughter and was angry!  I told Ben that it would be better if we could find a house within walking distance of the middle and high schools.  It would eliminate the possibility of being re-zoned.   
I went online to look at the houses that were available and printed off a few to look at.  Personally, I thought that a foreclosure would be good to get into.  My friend, Laura, and her family bought a foreclosure and they were able to do a bit of renovating before moving in.  That was what I was hoping to do as well.  

We drove out to Ola to check out a few houses that were in foreclosure or had already been foreclosed on and passed a neighbourhood that had newly constructed home in it.  
This is the PADOVA and it is built by Sunrise Builders.

We applied for a mortgage and it was approved! We told our landlord and we worked together with him to get his home listed and ready for people to do walk-throughs.  It was listed at lunch on a Saturday and was sold by 5pm on Sunday!  So, we have until May 23rd to get our stuff out of the house on Noel way and cleaned up for the new owners! 

We are homeowners again and we closed today on this beautiful new home! 

Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organization: The Scrap Haven

It all started with a couple Expedit Shelves and a bunch of JetMax cubes gifted to me by a good friend.  I have been organizing in my Scrap Haven for a couple of days and can almost see my table top!  ALMOST!  

I have been scrapbooking since October 2002 (about a month after we moved from Canada to Georgia). Since then, I have accumulated a lot of paper, embellishments and albums.  Some of these items are still in their plastic wrap waiting for me to use them!  
Now, you know that one of my goals from THIS post is to USE MY STASH.
Well, it all starts with knowing what you HAVE!  

So, I started with my scrapbook paper....
Some paper is loose, some is in a plastic container, some is in a little poly folder and some came in a "stack". 
I am forever pulling out the stacks to see what they have in them.  I had an "AH-HA" moment while looking through all the stacks that I had and I wanted to share it with you. Who knows, you may have a few stacks on your stash and might want to use this idea for yourself!  

Take a sharpie marker and write on the binding of the stack:
1) Manufacturer of the Paper
2) Theme of the Paper/Name of the Paper Stack
3) Floral, Girly, Boyish, Specific Season

Recollections: Modern Bouquet  (Floral)  
Like this:

You just did an "OH!  I never thought of that before! Ah-ha!"  See?  Ah-Ha Moment!  I did it to the first stack, then the second and kept going until each stack was labelled.  
Now, instead of grabbing each of the stacks that I have and flipping through them and wasting my scrappy time - I can eyeball them, see what each one is and keep looking for the "right" paper for the layout I am working on.  

Genius, eh?  Who'd a thunk it?  
I am going back to finishing up clearing off my scrap table.  I figure the sooner I get it cleared off, the sooner I can get to work on cutting out the titles for the two doors I am doing for the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes!  I have a LOT to cut on the cricut! Sometimes, I wish I had 2 cricuts!!!!

Wish me luck!  
Oh and for those of you wanting to see the progress so far on the Scrap Haven, here is a little sneak peek:

The birch bookshelf beside the Expedit shelf is the bookshelf/desk combo from THIS post.  Ben put it together for me and I have already filled it!  It fits perfectly in the room and holds all of my idea books, power sort boxes with all the photos I still need to scrapbook and some other projects that I am working on.  It looks great so far!  Now, to just finish the table and I can get to work on school stuff!!!!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Organization = A Little Bit of Happiness

I have been "AT WORK" here in the house organizing as much as I can before I head back to work.  I started by getting Ben to move the futon from the front foyer.  We moved it up to the old scrap loft - now we call it "The Loft" - and it is there for when visitors come.  It sits in the kid's play/library area.  

Dawn and I took a trip to "the mother ship" called IKEA! I bought an Expedit Shelf, a bookshelf/desk combo that was on clearance and a new dresser for our bedroom. 

The Expedit Shelf was for my front foyer to store some items that do not need to be stored in my Scrap Haven.  I have been working away in my Scrap Haven to start on the goals written in this post.

(Not the best picture, but it works)

I have since populated the shelf with a few of the 31 Cubes and the FINISHED scrapbooks that I had sitting on my shelves in the scrap haven.  Not all of the finished books are on the shelf, but a few to start with.  The albums that are "in process" are still in the Scrap Haven.

The bookshelf/desk combo was split into two rooms. The bookshelf is now in my Scrap Haven (it is the same birch colour as my Expedit Shelves in there). The desk went to Nathan's room for him to do his homework at.  I think it will be a good spot for it.  I originally wanted to sell that part of the combo, but when I went into Nathan's room and saw that his loft bed desk was covered with Lego, I thought the desk would work in there for him to use. 

The new dresser is a replacement for our old dresser that we have had from before we got married.  My pajama drawer broke a couple years ago and when it finally wouldn't open and close anymore, I just set it on top of the dresser.  So, it was an eye-sore.  See?
(again, not the greatest picture, but it works)
Now, my dear hubby Ben took all afternoon on Sunday to put this beautiful dresser together for me and it looks FABULOUS!!!!

What a difference it makes, eh?  I am one happy chick!

So, now, I am in the Scrap Loft trying to get it organized to start working on projects.
 The bookshelf from the combo that I bought is beside the Expedit Shelf and I have put all my idea books/scrapbook sketch books and power sort boxes with all my photos on it.  

I am working to clean off the top of the scrap table and I am getting close!  
Woot!  Woot!
There you have it!  The Organization of 2014 to get READY for 2014.  
Makes this chick a happy chick!
Take care of business now, so that I can PLAY later.
Now, back to the Scrap Haven to get finished with the scrap table so that I can work on a couple of projects before school starts!

Until Next Time,